Head Proportions

Just some quick work on face and head proportions/position today. Not a lot, but I’ll try to get more work into it here soon.

This one is actually not color corrected because I managed to draw darkly enough that it showed up on the photograph.

I drew the top left image while looking at a reference book and then tried to draw the same shape in different orientations. I was less successful than I would’ve liked.

The part I’m most proud of is the middle image on the right, where the top contour line meets the side plane, where the ear would be.

…it’s the little things.

Went to my fat sketching lead for looser, gestural drawing on this one. I actually think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. The contour line under the ear was giving me grief though, and apparently my concept of hairstyle is stuck in early 90’s comic books.

Hopefully, more tomorrow when I have more time to devote to drawing.