Introducing: Dismas

Dismas is the character I’m playing in a friend’s Vampire game. He’s a Cappadocian necromancer, dressed in fine quality robes and covering his skin in bandages to hide his disturbing appearance.

(Cappadocians gradually look more and more mummified as they age, and their skin is a pale white that you can see blue veins through.)

He’s color corrected (as always until I get a scanner).

Cons: To be honest, there’s a whole lot to work on here. The fabric doesn’t look fabric-y enough. Needs more folds, shading, texture, etc. the line weight definitely needs work to help differentiate layers of bandages, folds vs cloth silhouette, etc. shading is a bit slapdash.

Pros: i think I did relatively well with the folds in the elbows, and the proportions are pretty good. I was specifically going for a short, frail frame, so I think that was adequately conveyed.

…now that I think about it, I didn’t even consciously consider height, width, or proportion; I just drew the outline on instinct.

Holy shit, I might actually have developed a SKILL! Fuck yeah!

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