Digital Tracing Attempt

So, it’s been said since time immemorial that a good way to get better at drawing is to trace. Supposedly this helps with the muscle memory.

An issue with drawing on a tablet is that the tablet is SO responsive that there are lots of minute, unconscious variations in a stroke when drawing that don’t really show up on paper because of the medium, but the tablet can sense them, and since it doesn’t know what you’re drawing, it doesn’t know what to use. So every tiny jitter shows up.

The best method for avoiding this is doing quick, confident strokes. The faster your hand moves, the fewer chances the tablet has to pick up a jitter. However, this leads to a lot of quick, confident strokes that aren’t quite the curve or straight line or angle you were shooting for, and so you have to spam the undo button possibly dozens of times for nearly every line you’re drawing.

Since I’m not at a point yet where I can just draw something and tell exactly how it’s off, I figured the best way to do this would be to take some simple line-art that I found online, load it into photoshop, and trace it. And I really think it helped. I could feel myself getting a little bit more confident by the end of the drawing. If I do this consistently, I may actually improve quite a bit with my tablet.

The line-art I found is from this page –

And I HIGHLY encourage you to go check out this person’s art.  I’ve included below the original, dropped to a light blue so I could trace over it and see where my own lines differed, so you’ll see that on the left and my traced version on the right.


anime_lineart_by_destinyblue-d3jfdop POST-TRACE.jpgI honestly don’t have a whole lot of cons to say on this one. I think I did pretty well. I think I did SO well that I need to actually choose something more complicated to give myself a bit more of a challenge.

This is NOT to say that I think this drawing required no skill or talent. But c’mon, y’all… I’m just tracing.

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