Digital Construction Lines

So, today I took some time to watch a tutorial on youtube regarding construction lines (I highly recommend the channel “Draw with Jazza”). Below are the results. I’ve included both an image where you can see the construction lines (for some reason the bottom set are darker than the ones I lightened for the top three, even though they’re on the same layer) and an image where the construction lines have been removed.

construction practice dark

construction practice empty

The fact that the construction lines are wonky clearly had an impact on how the finished product turned out. I can do this much better in pencil, but I’m really trying to take time to practice with the tablet so that I can get those lines right.

The black specs on the image are from when I kept having to click back into the image after pausing the youtube video, and still had the brush tool selected.

I’m not too displeased with the Spider-Man, although he’s certainly not my best work. Still, not bad for a tablet. The left leg I honestly feel came out pretty well. The left arm looks a little stubby though, and that right foot was giving me fits.

Also, you can see that I’m starting to work on a grey background. This is for when I decide to start actually using color, as it allows you to use both highlights and lowlights on an image, instead of just lowlights (due to highlights kind of washing out against a white background).

Overall, it was frustrating, but I fell like I may have made some small progress with the tablet and stylus.

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