10 Hands A Day – Day 5 (unsuccessful)

As I do this more I expect to get faster at it. So these unsuccessful days will get better. But ai’ve got enough chool and stuff going on that if I start running out of time I get stressed, and that’s the opposite of why I started drawing. So I’ll finish as I can.

These are from tutorials on youtube by Mark Crilley.

For once I didn’t have to color-correct, so that’s something.

Inktober 2017 – Day 12: “Shattered”

The pencil sketch is color corrected so my light sketching shows up.All brush pen again. I’ll have a stretch where I feel like I’m improving and then my hand will rebel and suddenly I’ll get a fat, crooked line, or a line that followed its own path. Still, less frustrating than it used to be.

The penciling is color-corrected for clarity.

Iktober 2017 – Day 10: “Gigantic” and Day 11: “Run”

Ok, I’ll be honest. I was so tired I phoned in the drawings the other day (was it yesterday?), but I legitimately tried on the inking. The brush pen still frustrates me.For “run” I was going for that streaky effect you get from moving the brush fast but I reckon I was just too imprecise, and there’s not really a way to do that that I know of where you can’t SEE the individual brush strokes. Ah, well. We learn and we grow.