Fan Art: Becky Lynch

So Becky Lynch is pretty much my favorite wrestler, so I thought it was appropriate that she be my first attempt at fan art.

I drew this at a measly 72 ppi, so I need to go back and redraw it with smoother lines, before attempting to color.

Note to self: avoid “web most common” as a document size.

The image I was drawing from can be seen here:

More Face Studies

So, Skillshare is going well. I’m kind of bouncing around checking out a couple of different things (I know, I know… I’m supposed to focus on one thing for a while to see real improvement, but I also wanna make sure I don’t get bored with drawing and lose my steam like happened earlier this year).

These are some more face studies. This is only about halfway through the course I’m doing so they aren’t done yet.more face studies

Inktober 2017 – Day 8: “Crooked”

So, this was all penciled and then inked with my new Pentel Pocket brush pen. It’s WAY more brush-like than the felt prismacolor I was using, so even really focusing it mostly did what it wanted. Still, room for improvement!I started erasing the pencil too early (hence the smears on the face) and I was oroginally gonna do some copic shading but wound up deciding against it until I see how they react with this pen.