Mark Crilley exercise in Copic

This is from Mark Crilley’s Mastering Manga volume 2. The book is mostly about the line art but there’s a colored example I used for reference on this.

I really gotta figure out how to get the colors even. I wonder if I should use a lighter or less saturated color so that I can lay in a few layers and prevent that texture.

This is the same as a drawing I did around a year ago, that I was pretty proud of, but I colored it in this time.the hair didn’t blend as well as I wanted so I tried for more cell-style shading on the face but I think it kinda makes the whole thing less cohesive.

Also, that last chunk was pasted from instagram and shows as a different format here in the text editor. I hope it gets normalized when I publish this.

Here’s the old one.

Here’s the new, colorized one.

I am of course now seeing stuff I missed, like the white spot under the lip, the shading in the ear, and the hair texture. Ah, well. Before I colored it, the line art looked a little better than the original so at least there’s progress.

Dismas: Revisited


I got some new grey copic markers, a new mid-tone sketchbook, and a white pencil today, so I thought I’d revisit my character in the Vampire Dark Ages game I’m playing. The light in this picture kind of washes it out, but I still think all the new tools really helped add some depth to the image.

He’s gained some light leather armor since the last picture, which is why that’s been included. Apparently he’s lost his feet, though?

…I just got distracted by the armor and forgot to go back and do the feet, and didn’t realize until I’d already put the white outline down there. Eh, maybe they’ll grow back for the next go ’round.

Head Proportions

Just some quick work on face and head proportions/position today. Not a lot, but I’ll try to get more work into it here soon.

This one is actually not color corrected because I managed to draw darkly enough that it showed up on the photograph.

I drew the top left image while looking at a reference book and then tried to draw the same shape in different orientations. I was less successful than I would’ve liked.

The part I’m most proud of is the middle image on the right, where the top contour line meets the side plane, where the ear would be.

…it’s the little things.

Went to my fat sketching lead for looser, gestural drawing on this one. I actually think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. The contour line under the ear was giving me grief though, and apparently my concept of hairstyle is stuck in early 90’s comic books.

Hopefully, more tomorrow when I have more time to devote to drawing.

First Peek

First Scribbles of the New Era of Adam!

I’m doing this to get back in the habit of drawing daily. Ideally we’ll see improvement over time.

This is the disclaimer that I don’t have a scanner, and I tend to draw kind of lightly, so until I do, I take pictures with my phone and then email them to myself. I am perforce required to darken them somewhat so the flash doesn’t wash them out.

9202017 - armsketch

Cons: the hand is a little narrow through the palm, and a the fingers start too close to the wrist. Need more palm meat. Shading didn’t really capture the curvature of the scapula like I wanted, based on the reference drawing.  Upon close inspection, all of the lines are a liiiiiiiiiittle wobbly and hesitant – not as bold and sure as I need to be. Hand is a touch long in proportion to the arm, though I’m not sure if that means I drew the forearm too small or the hand too big.

Pros: I’m really happy with how the outline of the arm turned out. Most of the bone shading is acceptable, if not what I see in my head. Overall, I’m quite pleased given that I haven’t really drawn for the past six months, and that I only started teaching myself to draw about a year and a half ago.

Now, on to digital!


This is an ENTIRELY different feel. The feedback is different, the stylus responds differently than a pencil does, and on top of all that, you’ve got to learn how to adjust the settings so that they work for you.

Cons: I mean… you SEE the picture, right?
/sigh. I should’ve drawn the traditional image second so I’d end on a relatively high note.

Pros: …at least you can tell what I was trying to draw? I hope?
…it’s a person. I was drawing a person.

Oh, well.  Nowhere to go but up from here! See ya tomorrow!