More Still “Life” – keypad

So, a buddy at work recently sold me his programmable keypad. It’s honestly solved a lot of the frustrations I had with using a tablet and photoshop, because I can program a bunch of the functions to a single key instead of trying to focus on drawing while doing left-handed gymnastics to try to undo, redo, select colors, etc.

So I drew my new toy. Picture so you can see what I was looking at.logitechsketch

Hand Sketches from a Sycra Tutorial

Back to hand studies. Trying to be more loose and less static. This is from a Sycra tutorial. I can see definite benefit to this, though it’s less immediately gratifying, as I don’t have like four drawings I can be pleased with… just like twenty drawings that show a thought process.Still, nothing wrong with trying to learn EVERY style right? Right? …guys?