MikeyMegaMega tutorial – “gym fit girls”

From another MikeyMegaMega tutorial. Needta be able to draw those heroines. Took me an hour to do the first 15 minutes of this 30 minute video. I’d do the second half but I gotta get up in six hours for work. Tomorrow, I reckon.

Second half will focus on upper body musculature, as opposed to lower.

More Still “Life” – keypad

So, a buddy at work recently sold me his programmable keypad. It’s honestly solved a lot of the frustrations I had with using a tablet and photoshop, because I can program a bunch of the functions to a single key instead of trying to focus on drawing while doing left-handed gymnastics to try to undo, redo, select colors, etc.

So I drew my new toy. Picture so you can see what I was looking at.logitechsketch