Mark Crilley exercise in Copic

This is from Mark Crilley’s Mastering Manga volume 2. The book is mostly about the line art but there’s a colored example I used for reference on this.

I really gotta figure out how to get the colors even. I wonder if I should use a lighter or less saturated color so that I can lay in a few layers and prevent that texture.

This is the same as a drawing I did around a year ago, that I was pretty proud of, but I colored it in this time.the hair didn’t blend as well as I wanted so I tried for more cell-style shading on the face but I think it kinda makes the whole thing less cohesive.

Also, that last chunk was pasted from instagram and shows as a different format here in the text editor. I hope it gets normalized when I publish this.

Here’s the old one.

Here’s the new, colorized one.

I am of course now seeing stuff I missed, like the white spot under the lip, the shading in the ear, and the hair texture. Ah, well. Before I colored it, the line art looked a little better than the original so at least there’s progress.

Copic Adventures!

My sister got me some new Copic markers for Christmas!

So I decided to finally have a go at drawing and coloring something beyond the basic shading I did in Inktober.

I decided on a basic self-portrait.

Not terrible for a first attempt. I rushed through the drawing so I could get to the coloring.

The drawing sucks, but the coloring isn’t terrible. I’m especially pleased with the shading on the hat.

Things I learned: you cannot erase pencil after using these markers. Note to do that going forward next time.

Doing the edges first and then blocking in results in inadvertent rim shading.

Learn how to draw clothes. It is NOT all cake once you get the body drawn.

Also realized I unconsciously avoided hands and feet, so I need to make a point not to Liefeld any more.

Inktober 2017 – Day 5: “Long”

I got a little more ambitious with this after yesterday’s drawing.

Wanted to try the cool gray copics instead of the neutral grays I’ve been using, but it was so dark it obscured some of the linework. Redid it with thicker pen, but that made it look a little sloppy.

Not super thrilled with the spaghetti either, and apparently the white pencil doesn’t go on as smooth as I thought it did, which is irksome.

Still, not a total loss.

Inktober 2017 – Day 4: “Underwater”

I’m not super pleased with the teeth on the left side of the upper jaw, as they got lost in the heavy linework. And the grey marker behind the glowy thing looks a bit slapdash, but I left my midtone book at home and needed something to put behind the white pencil.

I’m pretty pleased with the angle and perspective, since I used a reference image that was at a different angle, and I really like how the marker in the mouth turned out to give depth.