Fan Art: Becky Lynch

So Becky Lynch is pretty much my favorite wrestler, so I thought it was appropriate that she be my first attempt at fan art.

I drew this at a measly 72 ppi, so I need to go back and redraw it with smoother lines, before attempting to color.

Note to self: avoid “web most common” as a document size.

The image I was drawing from can be seen here:

Skillshare Face Tutorial – WIP

So, I think it’s pretty evident that I’ve progressed pretty far in my drawing since I started a year and a half ago. I think it’s also pretty evident that I’ve put like NO time in with regards to shading, paint layers, color theory, etc. So that needs work. (so, the green and orange are just so I can tell where value is, and have nothing to do with the intended finished color, just so you know.)
This is from the 3rd Skillshare tutorial by that same guy, Hardy Fowler. Of course, I’m only about 5 minutes into this section regarding value, but a dude’s gotta sleep sometime. More when it’s done.


More Still “Life” – keypad

So, a buddy at work recently sold me his programmable keypad. It’s honestly solved a lot of the frustrations I had with using a tablet and photoshop, because I can program a bunch of the functions to a single key instead of trying to focus on drawing while doing left-handed gymnastics to try to undo, redo, select colors, etc.

So I drew my new toy. Picture so you can see what I was looking at.logitechsketch