MikeyMegaMega tutorial – short, dark hair

Three stages of completion from another youtube tutorial. I highly recommend checking out his work. I think this is the first tutorial of his that I’ve watched that goes all the way to a finished product, because the rest of the ones I’ve done were mostly focused on structure and proportion. Will definitely be getting into clothing at some point which should do so as well.

MikeyMegaMega tutorial – “gym fit girls”

From another MikeyMegaMega tutorial. Needta be able to draw those heroines. Took me an hour to do the first 15 minutes of this 30 minute video. I’d do the second half but I gotta get up in six hours for work. Tomorrow, I reckon.

Second half will focus on upper body musculature, as opposed to lower.

More Face Studies

So, Skillshare is going well. I’m kind of bouncing around checking out a couple of different things (I know, I know… I’m supposed to focus on one thing for a while to see real improvement, but I also wanna make sure I don’t get bored with drawing and lose my steam like happened earlier this year).

These are some more face studies. This is only about halfway through the course I’m doing so they aren’t done yet.more face studies