More Face Studies

So, Skillshare is going well. I’m kind of bouncing around checking out a couple of different things (I know, I know… I’m supposed to focus on one thing for a while to see real improvement, but I also wanna make sure I don’t get bored with drawing and lose my steam like happened earlier this year).

These are some more face studies. This is only about halfway through the course I’m doing so they aren’t done yet.more face studies

Hand Sketches from a Sycra Tutorial

Back to hand studies. Trying to be more loose and less static. This is from a Sycra tutorial. I can see definite benefit to this, though it’s less immediately gratifying, as I don’t have like four drawings I can be pleased with… just like twenty drawings that show a thought process.Still, nothing wrong with trying to learn EVERY style right? Right? …guys?

Drawing Hands: New Plan

So “10 hands a day” was productive. But with school and work, I didn’t really have time to do it consistently, because 10 hands is time-consuming

So I bought a massive sketchbook (300 sheets, so 600 pages) and it’s like 11” x 12.5”. When I can, my go-to drawing time (unless I have something specific in mind) will be to practice anatomy in that book. Hands until I’m satisfied or sick of them, to start. Here’s Day 1 (color-corrected so it shows up in the image).

This is from a youtube tutorial by “koizu”.

Inktober 2017 – Day 19: “Cloud”

I had a little trouble coming up with something to draw for “cloud” so I went with something I saw in passing earlier on youtube.I don’t normally do a lot with pencil beyond using it as a basis for inking (which I don’t always get to) so I don’t have a blending stick, and my finger was too broad so the smudging is a little sloppy. Still, I don’t hate it.

Inktober 2017 – Day 17: “Graceful”

“Graceful”Yet again, not enough time to spend on this. Also, notes to self: learn to draw hair. And to judge how much space I’ll need.

I’m decently happy with the proportions, at least. But now I’m finally done with that extra work project so now it’s JUST school impacting my after-work hours. So maybe I’ll actually be able to scribble some tomorrow.